Features Used to Rank Hotels When Giving Star Ratings

Hotels differ according to the services offered. When finding a hotel, people look at star ratings. The higher the rating, the higher the quality of services delivered. Features used to give ratings include:

Quality of Services Offered

The quality of services provided in a hotel is essential since they help decide whether a customer will return. The services are used to determine the rating of the hotel. Good services will result in high ratings.


Amenities in a hotel include things such as the rooms, parking lots, swimming pools, conference facilities, and fitness centers. Some hotels offer these amenities whereas others do not. A hotel with most of these amenities will have good star ratings. Guests will prefer such hotels since they will enjoy their stay. In recent years, the availability and strength of an internet connection in a hotel have become a major amenity that raters look out for.

Staff Professionalism

Professional staff in a hotel will discharge their duties in the best way. Guests in these hotels want a place where they will be served in the right manner and thus get value for money. Highly trained staff will help the hotel attract good ratings.


When ratings are being given, people rating are keen to observe how consistent the hotel is in serving people. In case a hotel serves people right for a certain period and later lower the quality, the ratings will dip.


The quality of the food provided helps determine the ratings. Having a diverse menu is one of the factors, and having good food id the other. This is the reason why leading hotels invest heavily in their kitchen department.